How to Get Life Insurance with Diabetes Without a Medical Exam

  When it comes to the lifelong security of your loved ones, even a slight compromise is not acceptable. A perfect life insurance policy plan is what one must look for.  Accomplishing a desirable coverage from these traditionally underwritten policies is a catch-22. Adding to the top of it if you suffer from diabetes your worry and trouble to find a decent coverage amount is understandable.  Luckily, life insurance companies have evolved over time, making life insurance coverage easier to find for a person with diabetes. A never-ending list of medical history requirements, vigorous testing and delays add fuel to [...]


Are People with Diabetes Drinking to Cope with Loneliness and Isolation Caused by COVID-19?

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought loneliness and isolation to people living with diabetes. As bad as loneliness and isolation are on their own, the conditions could also lead to drug and alcohol abuse because people might use substances to try to forget their pain. With the scientific understanding of diabetes and the emergence of COVID-19, we could explore how the pandemic (COVID-19) has impacted people living with diabetes to cope with loneliness and isolation through alcohol abuse. There isn't sufficient information to deliberately show whether individuals with diabetes are more likely to need the help of alcohol rehabilitation centers more [...]


Diabetes And Your Eyesight

Photo by David Travis on Unsplash In light of November representing Diabetic Eye Disease Awareness month, revisiting the best practices of eye health as a diabetic is a proactive step in investing in your long-term wellness. Your vision can be directly affected by diabetes, so staying educated on the warning signs and different options for caring for your eyes can help you better plan for the future. Learn more below about diabetic eye considerations and the ways to promote healthy eye habits in the long run.  Here at Diabetes Life Solutions, we love to share this article highlighting some tips [...]


Healthcare Essentials for Diabetics

Photo by Matt Chesin via Unsplash More people than ever before have diabetes, and the number of undiagnosed people is also rising. Type 2 diabetes is now considered one of the most common long-term health conditions, but help is available for people trying to manage their condition. There are various services and checks available to help you manage your diabetes. This article discusses the various steps diabetics should take to ensure they are in control of their condition. Many of the checks are vital if you’re going to reduce the risk of complications such as having problems with your feet [...]


Life Insurance and Your Divorce

Divorces are rarely ever wonderful. And, why would they be? They are the finalized product of a love-went-wrong. Most people want to get over it and move on as quick as possible. For some, without any kids or accounting nightmares, that may be possible. However, for others, not so much. There is a lot to be considered in a divorce – especially when it means separating a family. It takes time to sort through finances, assets, property, and such. Dissolving the marriage – a life together – is no easy feat. So, while the details are being worked out, there [...]


Breastfeeding With Diabetes

 Photo by Dave Clubb via Unsplash Childbirth leaves your hormonal landscape in a state of virtual ruin. Oestrogen and progesterone levels sink dramatically, while prolactin levels rise. That can lead to low energy, high blood glucose and postpartum depression. After nine months of skyrocketing blood sugar, you're probably experiencing a few new symptoms. You might even be one of the many mothers who develop diabetes during pregnancy or lactation.  When you start breastfeeding, you have probably lost track of your baseline and how to balance it. As your body starts to shed the extra weight it shored up for the [...]


Life Insurance for Hispanics With Diabetes

Receiving a diagnosis such as diabetes, which is a chronic disease can be very disturbing and worrying. As the number of Hispanics diagnosed with diabetes continues to rise, the fear of developing the disease is very real within the community. Per the Guardian, nearly 16% of the hispanic population with diabetes will be uninsured. Considered as a high-risk group, Hispanics face many challenges in the management of their diabetes and in the quest to obtain life insurance as a means of protecting their families. Finding an affordable life insurance policy for Hispanics with diabetes can be difficult, but this is [...]


Why You Should Buy Life Insurance from An Independent Agent

Wouldn’t it be nice to have the option to purchase your life insurance policy from a licensed agent who is equally as knowledgeable about your medical conditions and the difficulties they might present to a specific life insurance company? And wouldn’t it be nice if the agent would have access to various life insurance carriers, that would provide the best rates, given your Diabetes history? Life insurance will be one of the most important financial products you will purchase in your lifetime.  There is no debating this.  Making sure you purchase the ‘right’ policy given your financial objectives is just [...]


Is Insulin Pump Therapy Better for Diabetic Life Insurance Rates?

It’s no secret that anyone with a chronic health condition such as Diabetes, will inevitably – more than likely – end up paying a higher premium for their Diabetes life insurance policy than someone who is in predominantly perfect health. Those with Type 1 Diabetes will always have a challenging time finding life insurance coverage. As we continue to reiterate in our articles on this website, almost 99% of all applicants with Type 1 Diabetes will receive offers of coverage at a sub-standard rating.  Many websites intentionally mislead the Diabetes community by showing quotes using a Standard, Standard Plus, or [...]


Declined Life Insurance Due to Diabetes?

Here’s What You Need to Do Looking for life insurance with diabetes is never an easy thing. As you know, nothing with diabetes is simple. If you are like the majority of the diabetes community, you’ve applied for life insurance and have been declined due to your diabetes history. Maybe you’ve even been declined multiple times. In the event you fall into this category, take a deep breath. Most likely you have simply been applying to the wrong insurance companies, or maybe working with the wrong agent. Contact us at 888-629-3024, and speak with us. We’d love to see if [...]

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