Life Insurance For Juvenile Diabetes Applicants in 2023

Chris Stocker

Chris Stocker

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Last Updated on November 30, 2023

Anyone who has adverse health issues knows that it can be difficult to qualify for life insurance. Sadly, children with diabetes are going to have limited options for life insurance. Oftentimes, insurers will take extra precautions, as those with certain conditions can pose a higher likelihood of claims.

In order to avoid such risk, insurers will usually charge an applicant a higher amount of premium for their coverage, or they may even deny them for coverage altogether. Getting life insurance for juvenile diabetics can be difficult, so let us help you find the best life insurance for diabetics.  We’ll let you know that many children with diabetes will be approved for life insurance policies.  It’s best to contact us, share details about your child’s diabetes history, and let us help determine what options there are.

People with Juvenile Diabetes Can Be Approved

Those who have been diagnosed with juvenile diabetes can have a particularly hard time finding life insurance coverage. One reason for this is because statistics have shown that poor blood sugar control can lead to other, more serious health conditions such as heart disease, kidney damage, neuropathy, strokes, and more.  While we find this to be extremely unfair, this is how the life insurance industry is viewing people with type 1 diabetes.  Ever since we started this website, it’s been our mission to help those with diabetes secure the best life insurance policies possible.

The good news is, though, that the best juvenile life insurance companies can be found by looking in the right place. You can still obtain life insurance for type 2 diabetics, whole life insurance for diabetics, or no exam life insurance for diabetics. If you are looking to qualify diabetic children for life insurance, we are here to help you!  With our network of insurance companies we work with, many children with type 1 diabetes can be approved for life insurance.

Unfortunately, many people choose to work with the wrong agents, or agencies, are told that they cannot be approved for coverage, or that their child can’t be approved for a policy.  Most agents are simply not properly trained to work with a person who has diabetes.  Or worst yet, they may not have access to the best life insurance companies that suit juvenile diabetics the best.

What The Insurance Company Wants To Know

When submitting your application for life insurance coverage in a juvenile life insurance companies, the underwriters will typically want additional information about your juvenile diabetes statistics in order to determine the extent of the risk that you may pose to the insurance company. Most applicants would qualify for non medical exam policies that would not require additional blood and urine testing.

The factors that are considered regarding your condition will usually include the following:

  • At what age you were initially diagnosed with diabetes
  • Your condition’s level of control (This can be checked through an A1C test that measures your long-term blood sugar control. The lower the number, the better. A number in the range of 7.0 is usually preferable.)
  • The type of medication you use for your diabetes (insulin, oral, or both)
  • Your overall health, including any complications that you have as a result of your diabetes

The underwriters will also review other factors, as well, such as your:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Height and weight
  • Blood pressure
  • Cholesterol level
  • Family health history
  • Smoking habits/tobacco usage
  • Occupation and income (if applicable)
  • Hobbies

Once the underwriters are able to review all of the criteria, they will make a determination regarding whether or not to approve your application for coverage. If your application for diabetic children for life insurance is approved, your policy will then be assigned to a particular rating class. Based on these juvenile diabetes statistics, this is how the premium rate that you pay will be determined.

We’ll point out that many insurance companies will simply decline or postpone a juvenile with Diabetes under the age of 18.  However, certain companies will consider a child with type 1 diabetes for whole life insurance policies.  Not every child will qualify, as options are limited.  But for many we can find some type of coverage that will provide some peace of mind.

Getting Better Rates On Life Insurance With Juvenile Diabetes

While those who have juvenile diabetes can still oftentimes qualify for life insurance coverage, it will be important to have your condition well under control – with one of the most important criteria being your A1C levels. Companies want to make sure that you’re taking your Diabetes seriously, and that you’re compliant with the recommended treatment by your Doctor.

Your “build” can also be an important factor in qualifying for life insurance for diabetic children. This refers to your overall weight as it relates to your height. If you are considered overweight, then you may be required to pay an additional amount of premium for your policy. In some situations, being overweight in combination with having type 1 diabetes, will eliminate your child from being approved.

Other issues like high blood pressure and hypertension will also factor into your policy qualification criteria, as will the type of medications that you take. For example, taking insulin rather than oral medication will oftentimes place you into a lower rating classification.  Many applications will ask if you’ve taken a form of insulin before age 9, or before age 25.  Answering yes will make you ineligible for certain products and companies.  Other specific companies and products will not have issues about the age of diabetes onset.  Rather they are more concerned about the overall control of your condition.

While there are many additional factors to be aware of when applying for life insurance for diabetic children, by knowing what to look for, you will have an advantage and can take the extra steps that are needed to help your application become approved for the coverage that you need.  When you work with us, we will ask several questions up front that will help us identify what life insurance companies will even offer coverage.  Let us do all the hard work on your family’s behalf.

Taking The Next Step

If you have juvenile onset diabetes or you have a child with juvenile diabetes and are seeking life insurance for diabetic children, the best next step is to work with a company that can help you find the right insurance carrier for your specific needs.  Wink, wink, fill out a quote request, and let us use our expertise to help you out!  We’ve helped out thousands within the Diabetes community secure life insurance policies.

Applications are very easy to complete, and we’d help you from start to finish.  Most applications can be completed online, or if you prefer we can collect everything over the phone from you.  Your agent would then stay in touch with periodic updates, and if any additional information is needed we’ll reach out to you directly.

At we work with many of the top-rated insurance companies in the marketplace today, and we’re familiar with which carriers are more accepting of certain types of risks. Let us help to point you in the right direction – essentially saving you time and frustration – and helping to ensure that you get approved with diabetic children for life insurance protection that you need more quickly.

We can also help you to compare diabetic life insurance quotes from numerous carriers. By filling out the form on this page you can get the process started. And, should you have any questions regarding quotes, coverage, or juvenile life insurance companies in general, please feel free to give us a call, toll-free, at 800-470-4122 and we’ll be happy to help.

Matt Schmidt is a nationally licensed diabetes insurance expert. Over this time frame he's helped out over 10,000 clients secure life insurance coverage with Diabetes. He's frequently authors content to Forbes, Entrepreneur, The Simple Dollar, GoBanking Rates, MSN,, and Yahoo Finance and many more.

Matt Schmidt is also the Co-Founder of Diabetes Life Solutions and Licensed Insurance agent. He’s been working with the Diabetes community for over 18 years to find consumers the best life insurance policies.  Since 2011, he has been a qualified non-member of MDRT, the most prestigious life insurance trade organization in the USA

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