Diabetes Life Solutions Editorial Standards

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If you’re shopping for life insurance with Diabetes, Diabetes Life Solutions wants to be your guide. With the goal of helping, you make the best possible purchase decision for yourself and your loved ones, we work hard to provide you with comprehensive, accurate, and up-front information.

To be truthful, you may conduct business with anybody you choose. Now, then, why should you put your faith in us? Agents in our network have 20-plus years of experience, and we have hundreds of 5-star ratings across a variety of review sites, and many more achievements. However, such things are secondary to the actual material we supply.

We provide details that no other online resource will. We provide you with transparent pricing and let you easily compare policies from different providers side by side. You may view example policies, application processes, and evaluations of various providers. In a nutshell, this is the only online resource dedicated just to discussing ultimate expenditure life insurance in such great detail and without bias. Everyone in our sales force is paid a wage. You may rest certain that they are not recommending you do something for the sake of their own financial advantage.

Editorial process

Everything you read on Diabeteslifesolutions.com has been written by experienced insurance agents and people with Diabetes, who work with others to find the best life insurance policy possible. Articles are also fact checked and edited by financial professionals and medical experts.

Our content is reviewed through each piece several times before it is released to the public. To further guarantee the quality of the content, we again use fact checkers.

Sources and citations

It’s possible that information from the following sources will be used in content featured on Diabeteslifesolutions.com:

  • Third-party websites: When necessary, we’ll reference an item from an external source to offer extra background information or to corroborate our claims. Furthermore, we will use other resources, such as scholarly journals, to supplement our own study.
  • Third-party experts: Experts who are in the field of insurance for their insight.
  • Insurance industry data: We may occasionally enhance our opinion with statistics from organizations like the Insurance Information Institute (III), the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC), and the Life Insurance Marketing and Research Association (LIMRA).

We will always provide full credit to the contributing author, regardless of the source utilized to offer further reference to a piece of information.

Subject matter

We focus on writing about the life insurance business, and any type of related Diabetes topic. Each article is written to provide readers with objective, in-depth coverage of a particular issue.

Fact checked

Each article features a “Fact verified” logo prominently displayed at the top. Our content is reviewed by qualified, independent agents who are also subject matter experts.

Customer reviews

Actual comments from Diabeteslifesolutions.com clients will be included on various pages of our website. We ask for feedback from each consumer after every engagement. Reviews from customers, both positive and negative, are available on Google Business and TrustPilot as an example. We have no control over the content of client reviews or whether or not they are made public.

Updating, correcting, and deleting articles

Existing articles are routinely reviewed and updated by our team. A company’s prices, applications, and underwriting standards might all be subject to change at any time. In addition, we often edit articles to improve readability or the overall quality of the user experience.

Because it is written by humans, some mistakes may appear in our articles. While errors are uncommon, they do occur. As soon as we detect an issue, we update the page to correct the mistake. Please let us know immediately if you spot an error on our site.

While it is not often that we remove anything, we have and will continue to do so. There are many different motivations for removing content. The most common reasons for doing so are because the information is either A) obsolete, B) intended for a product that no longer exists, or C) redundant.

How do we make money?

Unlike other insurance agents or agencies, we are not forced to sell any one particular insurance company. Over 25 insurance providers are among those we represent. Our carrier partners pay us a commission if we assist a client in purchasing an insurance policy via them. They would be out of business if not for us.

It is crucial that you understand there is no further cost to your regular payments or any fees for our assistance. The reality is that insurance companies seldom handle sales themselves.

Each state’s Department of Insurance requires the filing of insurance rates. There will be no pricing changes from insurance carriers. Therefore, it is not permissible for the insurance company to charge a different premium whether you go via an intermediary like us or not (which is rarely possible).

The main advantage with Diabeteslifesolutions is that you:

  1. Helpful representatives are standing by to respond to your calls and address your concerns.
  2. To make sure you obtain the best coverage at the greatest price, we check out the prices of all the major insurance companies.
  3. Give you step-by-step help with the application process.
  4. After your insurance has been issued, you’ll continue to receive five-star treatment.

All the benefits of working with us come at no extra cost.