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One of the most popular diabetes medications could be one of the best for your heart. A recent data analysis study showed that Metformin isn’t only good at controlling glucose levels, but it also has few health risks when compared to other top medications. The analysis looked at over 204 different studies that had over 1 million people involved. For those that are using Metformin to control type 1 diabetes or type 2 diabetes, there is some good news coming your way.

Looking at the data from all of the studies showed that patients using Metformin had a 30%-40% less chance of dying from a heart attack or metformin good for your heartstroke compared to diabetics using other drugs like glipizide, sulfonylureas, and others. The data used diabetic patients from across the globe, which eliminates the variable of some races having higher risks of heart attacks.

While there have been dozens of new medications to enter into the diabetes market, Metformin is still proving to be one of the most effective and safest drugs to control blood sugar. The lead author of the study, Dr. Shari Bolen, who is an assistance professor of medicine at Case Western Reserve University’s Center for Health Care Research and Policy share her thoughts on the diabetes drug, “Pharmaceutical companies continue to make new drugs to reduce blood sugar and improve safety concerns of the older drugs”, Bolen went on to reinforce the idea of Metformin still being one of the best on the market.

Because of the constant research and development, it’s surprising that Metformin is still king of the hill in the diabetes arena. The drug has been used since the late 19990s and is still a low-cost option, which makes it the perfect prescription for a lot of diabetics.

Heart Risk and Diabetes

Anyone that is diagnosed with diabetes already has a higher risk of having heart complications than those without the condition. High glucose levels oven a long time can create deposits of fatty materials on the insides of blood vessels walls, which then can impact blood flow which will increase clogging and hardening of blood vessels. It’s important not to raise our risk even more by taking medications that can increase our chances.

Having uncontrolled diabetes can double your risk of having cardiovascular complications, which reinforces the importance of keeping glucose levels in a healthy range. If you keep your diabetes under control, you can reduce your risk by half. Aside from controlling your glucose levels, maintaining a healthy diet and regular exercise will also lower your risk of having a heart attack (and they are both great for your diabetes, it’s a win-win).

For diabetics, heart risk is a serious concern that isn’t discussed enough within the diabetic community. Because many diabetics are on more than one medication, the risk of heart attack or stroke is a common problem. It’s important to manage our diabetes, not only so our glucose levels don’t increase the risk of heart attack, but also to manage the condition without using several medications that could drastically raise our risks.

What You Need to Know

Because doctors are already using Metformin, this study probably isn’t going to change prescription habits. But this information is encouraging for diabetics that are using the drug. If you’re only several medications to manage your diabetes, talk to your doctor about making some chances to lower your risk of a heart attack.

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