Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance With Diabetes in 2023

Chris Stocker

Chris Stocker

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Last Updated on November 30, 2023

Finding affordable life insurance with Diabetes can feel like a challenge at times. It’s easy to feel frustrated if certain companies, or agents, are telling you that you can’t get approved for guaranteed life insurance for diabetes. Since Diabetes is a chronic illness, you’re already being viewed as a high risk, in the eyes of insurance companies. But what if you have other significant health issues? Maybe you’ve been declined for life insurance as a diabetic over and over. Can you still get approved for coverage?

The answer is YES!!! There are certain types of policies available to people with severe health complications. These types of policies are called Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance policies. Life the name of the policy sounds, it’s guaranteed acceptance. You cannot be turned down for coverage. In some situations, depending on a person’s overall health, it could be your only option for guaranteed life insurance for diabetes coverage.

For some people who have been declined over and over, these types of policies may be ideal. Or maybe, you’ve recently had Diabetes related complications. Possibly an amputation due to diabetes, treated for diabetes ketoacidosis, diabetes retinopathy or neuropathy, or maybe you are undergoing treatment for kidney disease. If these types of health issues have occured, a guaranteed acceptance life insurance policy may be your only hope, in terms of life insurance.

We all know that life insurance is important to you and your family. And you do not want to let your Diabetes history, or other health issues, keep you from finding a policy that will help protect them. Working with a company like Diabetes Life Solutions is here to help you navigate the life insurance market place. To get information it’s as easy as filling out a quote request, or give us a call at (888) 629-3064. We are the only agency who only works with the diabetes community exclusively. Nobody else has the knowledge, or industry insight, as to how to get a policy approved with having a form of diabetes.

Generally, only those who are in below average health should be applying for policies like these.  Many people have the misconception that having Diabetes automatically means guaranteed life insurance for diabetes is the only plan they’ll qualify for.  That’s not the case.  If you are unsure of which plans you’ll qualify for, please call us at 888-629-3064 and speak with a licensed agent.

What is Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance

Essentially, guaranteed issue life insurance are whole life policies, that all consumers can qualify for. The application does not ask any health questions, and to qualify you’d simply need to meet the insurance companies age guidelines. An insurance company will ask for your basic information, as well as your beneficiaries information. This consists of:

  • Full name
  • Date of Birth
  • Social Security Number
  • Address
  • Phone Number
  • Preferred payment information and date to make premium payments

However, with these whole life insurance policies, you need to realize that the full death benefit will not be paid to the beneficiary, for TWO years.  As an example, if death occurs due to death in the first TWO years of the policy, the beneficiary will receive back all premiums paid, plus 10% interest.  If Death occurs due to accidental death in the first TWO policy years, the full amount of the policy would be paid to the beneficiary. After the TWO policy years, the full death benefit is then paid at any point there after.  Your named beneficiary would receive the death benefit in a lump sum payment.

With these whole life policies, there are no health questions, nor any medical examinations needed.  The various life insurance companies will simply ask you for your pertinent information, beneficiary information, and payment information.

The applications are quick and easy, and the underwriting process takes a matter of minutes.  Once an insurance company processes your application, a policy will be mailed out to you, for you to keep with your other financial documents.  The TWO year waiting period would begin once your first premium payment is paid.

Like all whole life insurance policies, your rates will never increase.  The death benefit also remains level for the duration of the policy. And the policy could not be canceled unless you choose to do so.  The policies will accrue cash value over time, that you could borrow against in the future.

What are the Requirements for Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance?

To be quite honest, it doesn’t matter if you have Type 1 Diabetes, Type 2 Diabetes, Diabetes-related complications, or even health issues like heart disease, lung disease, or recent treatment of cancer.  Companies are not going to ask for any type of health questionnaire, list of medications, nor will they ask you about your Diabetes health history.

No medical exam is needed, nor will the insurance carriers need to collect medical records.  NONE of this is needed to qualify. The main qualification is going to be your current age.  Various companies will have minimum age requirements, and NOT everyone may be eligible. Depending on the state you live in, policies may be available from age 25 thru age 85.

Here is a brief overview of companies offering guaranteed life insurance for Diabetics

Age Requirements
Coverage Amount
Death Details
50 to 85
2 year waiting period. If death occurs in the first 2 years premium plus 10% interest is refunded.
50 to 80
2 year waiting period. If death occurs in the first 2 years premium plus 10% interest is refunded.
40 to 80
2 year waiting period. If death occurs in the first 2 years premium plus 10% interest is refunded.
25 to 80
3 year waiting period. If death occurs in the first 3 years premium plus 6% interest is refunded.

Am I Limited to Taking Out Only ONE Policy?

The answer is NO. There are no limits on the number of policies that you could take out, and “stack” on top of each other. The only issue may be your financial budget. As an example, maybe you need $50,000 of life insurance coverage. But the two most competitive companies only offer up to $25,000 per insured. You could then take out two policies of $25,000 each, and obtain the needed $50,000 of life insurance.

Once each policy is issued, the two year waiting period would begin for each individual policy.  Everyone’s financial objectives are different so there really isn’t ‘just one way’ to do things. Some people prefer to start with one policy, and then in the future, add another one to their life insurance portfolio.

Why Should a Person with Diabetes get a Guaranteed Issued Policy?

Below are some of the main reasons many Diabetics turn to policies like these:

Approval process takes a matter of minutes. Perhaps you are a person who does not want to wait days, or weeks for a decision. If that’s the case, a guaranteed acceptance policy may be in your best interest.

You may have significant health issues, and there are NO other options. Like you may have found out, life insurance carriers have a hard time covering someone with recent history of diabetes amputations, Ketoacidosis, Neuropathy and other diabetes related health issues. Perhaps you are currently undergoing treatment for cancer, or recently you were treated for a heart attack. All of these sample health issues would not stop you from getting approved for coverage.

You don’t want to provide a life insurance company your pertinent information. For some people with Diabetes, you may not want to grant a life insurance company access to your medical records, or lab results. If that’s the case, these guaranteed issue life insurance policies may be suitable. There’s no health questions, questions about medications, or questions about your family’s health history.

You are sick of being declined by life insurance companies. Maybe you are an individual who has been turned down for life insurance, over and over. You’ve spoken to many agents, and applied to many companies. NO matter what, the result is always a decline in coverage. If this describes your situation, maybe you simply just want to start a policy, that’s guaranteed to accept you. If you’ve been declined for life insurance due to diabetes in the past, then this could be an easy way to get coverage.

Why Shouldn’t Diabetics Take Out a Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance Policy?

So what are some reasons people with Diabetes shouldn’t go with guaranteed life insurance for diabetics policy?

Approval process takes a matter of minutes. If you could be approved for a policy that offered an immediate death benefit, and had a lower premium, it would probably make sense to go with that type of policy.  We know it can be frustrating answering health questions, letting a company review your medications, and waiting a few days for an underwriting decision. But in the long run, going thru a few ‘extra hoops’ may be beneficial.

Your policy doesn’t pay a full death benefit for two years.< Let’s be honest, having a life insurance policy that will pay out an immediate death benefit, is probably in your best interest.  Unless you absolutely have to go thru a guaranteed issued plan, you should explore additional options.

You need a large amount of life insurance.. People who are in need of $150,000 or more of life insurance, probably shouldn’t be using several guaranteed acceptance policies to help them reach a large amount of coverage.  The only exception would be if your health disqualifies you from other policies.

Someone wanting the lowest priced option. Since guaranteed issue life insurance companies aren’t asking any health questions, their rates for coverage will be higher compared to companies who do.  Because of this, never think this type of policy is going to be the cheapest option. IN fact, it’s the most expensive. In some cases, it may be your only option.  If that’s the case, be prepared to pay more for your policy.

Below is a chart, showing some sample premiums, for guaranteed issued policies.

Female $10,000
Male $10,000
Female $15,000
Male $15,000
50 Year Term
$36 monthly
$52 monthly
$53 monthly
$77 monthly
55 Year Term
$40 monthly
$57 monthly
$59 monthly
$84 monthly
60 Year Term
$45 monthly
$63 monthly
$67 monthly
$94 monthly
65 Year Term
$55 monthly
$73 monthly
$81 monthly
$109 monthly
70 Year Term
$70 monthly
$93 monthly
$105 monthly
$131 monthly

Is Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance Actually Worth it?

Guaranteed life insurance for diabetics may greatly benefit your family.  You should really only consider this option, if there’s no other life insurance option for you.  This type of policy is ideal for people not in the best of health, and who have no other life insurance options.  Having Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes can have an adverse affect on your health.  

We often times recommend these plans to people who are concerned with covering burial costs, final expenses, or funeral expenses.  Or if wanting to leave a small inheritance to a family member, a simple policy like this may make sense.

At the end of the day, only YOU truly know if this type of life insurance policy is in your best interest or not. WE are always happy to discuss your unique situation, and weigh the pros and cons with you. To get a quote is very simple.  Simply complete the quote request form at top of this page, or give us a call at (888) 629-3064. The initial phone call takes less than 5 minutes.

What is the Application Process?

Completing an application for coverage could not be easier.  You’d simply need to submit a quote request, or contact us.  From there, we’ll discuss the cost of insurance, and make recommendations for life insurance carriers.

Diabetes Life Solutions wants to make your life insurance application process as easy as possible.  Applications can be completed over the phone, thru email, over faxes, or even thru the mail. Everyone is different, and has their own preferences for completing forms.

Once the application is completed, we’ll submit the forms to the insurance carrier.  Usually within 24 hours the application is approved, and a policy number will be generated.  A week or two later, your policy will be mailed out to you.

We know life can change in an instant.  Life insurance is always going to benefit your beneficiaries, once you pass away.  If you’ve been thinking about applying for life insurance as a diabetic, don’t put it off any longer.  One quick phone call to 888-629-3064 can begin the process. Once you have this policy in place, we know you and your family will feel much better about the situation.

Diabetes Life Solutions will help you navigate the diabetes life insurance market place.   We know first hand what it is like to struggle with obtaining life insurance coverage. Helping the Diabetes Community is what we are all about, and why we were founded. We love working with you, and providing sound life insurance advice to people with Diabetes.

Matt Schmidt is a nationally licensed diabetes insurance expert. Over this time frame he's helped out over 10,000 clients secure life insurance coverage with Diabetes. He's frequently authors content to Forbes, Entrepreneur, The Simple Dollar, GoBanking Rates, MSN,, and Yahoo Finance and many more.

Matt Schmidt is also the Co-Founder of Diabetes Life Solutions and Licensed Insurance agent. He’s been working with the Diabetes community for over 18 years to find consumers the best life insurance policies.  Since 2011, he has been a qualified non-member of MDRT, the most prestigious life insurance trade organization in the USA

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