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Chris Riley

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Last Updated on June 5, 2023

If you’re Diabetic, whether that be Type 1 Diabetic or Type 2 Diabetic, and have been searching around for information about life insurance, you already know just how difficult obtaining life insurance for Diabetic people can be.

It can definitely seem unfair at times, since many people with Diabetes are more than capable of living happy and healthy lives. In fact, due to their dietary restrictions, among other things, many Diabetics are much healthier than the people who receive a clean bill of health and as a result – a lower rate from the insurance underwriters.

While this all does seem quite biased, it is also important to understand how an insurance company works and why they are unable to give low rates to people who they perceive as a risk.

Affordable Rates Are Available

The good news is, life insurance for Diabetic people doesn’t need to be as big of a struggle as many people make it out to be. There are still options out there that will help Diabetic people receive a life insurance policy, at a rate that is affordable and even low for someone with their condition. While they may never be able to obtain the same rates as someone who doesn’t have Diabetes, getting any kind of lower rate than what they have been quoted previously can be a huge help.

Qualified Life Insurance Agents

We always recommend people with Diabetes who are looking for life insurance to get in touch with a reputable life insurance agent.

Before you call “foul” on us for recommending you use an agent, just hear us out. We know that in most industries agents have a bad reputation for driving prices and most people will advise that you don’t use one.


In the life insurance industry though, your agent can often be your best friend and they can usually get you a lower rate than you ever would have been able to obtain on your own.

Since these agents know all of the hot button questions for Diabetics, as well as the answers that cause red flags to go up for the underwriters, they can help you to answer your questions in a truthful way that won’t raise concerns for the underwriters.

Most people go into these types of interviews with the underwriters uninformed, answer truthfully (but in a slightly wrong way) and end up getting a high rate. Some people will try being dishonest, although the truth always comes out if there is a physical as a part of the application process.

Stop Thinking, Apply Today

So if you have been thinking that life insurance for Diabetic people is something that is just not possible for you, then you might want to think again. All you need to do is make sure you get in touch with a good agent who can walk you through the whole process and into a good rate.

Your family is too important to leave uninsured, so don’t let something like your Diabetes stand in the way of watching over their financial security. You may be Diabetic, but that in no way means you are uninsurable.

Owner and author of The Life of a Diabetic. He's been writing about Diabetes related topics for over 10 years, and has been featured in HealthLine, Diatribe, Diabetes Advocates and JDRF.

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