Glucose Necklace for Active Diabetics

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Last Updated on May 15, 2024

For years athletes with diabetes have struggled to find a way to manage their blood sugar levels without having to sacrifice their performance. This is a huge problem among active diabetics, especially those that do endurance events like running or biking. Kris Maynard, a type 1 diabetic from Spokane, WA may finally have an answer.

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Kris has been diagnosed with type 1 diabetes for over 15 years. He enjoys running and bicycling, both of which can be difficult for a diabetic. After he tried to run a half marathon without taking juice and almost passing out, he decided that something needs to be done to fix the problem of athletes and diabetes.

Then when he was camping with his family and his blood sugar dropped dangerously low, and the paramedics had to be called, the idea came to him through the paramedics. As they were delivering glucose gel on his gums, the idea for a Glucose Boost diabetes necklace was born.

The idea behind the design is simple, it’s a hollow tube with glucose gel on the inside. This allows athletes to wear the diabetic necklace and still have gel close enough in case of an emergency. Inside of the tube is 25 grams of glucose gel, enough for any diabetic that is experiencing a hypoglycemic episode.

The diabetes necklace itself is made of a soft flexible plastic, similar to the necklaces that glow in the dark. It’s held together with a magnetic clasp that can easily be taken off quickly in case of an emergency. Kris, the inventor of the type 1 diabetes necklace, explained it simply, “I look at this necklace as a type of medical alert necklace, but with a solution. In times of low blood sugar and the state of confusion, I wanted something you didn’t need to look for – or that friends and family had to scramble for – in a time of panic. I wanted something easy and readily available.” And that’s exactly what he did. He may have completely changed the way that diabetic athletes manage their diabetics and go about their sports and training sessions.

Currently, the diabetes necklaces are going through the patent process and is till in a prototype phase. Because it hasn’t officially hit the markets, there isn’t an official announcement on how much the diabetic necklace is going to cost.

Working out with Diabetes

Exercise is one of the most important factors in managing diabetes. So, if you don’t have a Glucose Boost type 1 diabetes necklaces or type 2 diabetes necklace, how are you supposed to exercise safely? Just because you have diabetes doesn’t mean that you can’t train for a half marathon like Kris. There are plenty of ways that you can participate in endurance events, just like athletes without diabetes.

If you’re looking to start running for long distances, or biking, or swimming, you should always put your health and safety first. Always take plenty of water with you and a healthy snack in case of your blood sugar drops. You can also take juice or carry a piece of fruit.

Aside from keeping proper nutrition with you while you’re exercising, make sure to bring your cell phone and that someone knows where you’ll be running. Even with the proper fluid and snacks, you never know what’s going to happen. Always have a phone nearby in case of an emergency. Once their Glucose Booster diabetes necklace hit the shelves, diabetic athletes everywhere real breathe a sign of relief.

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