5 Tips for Applying for Life Insurance with Diabetes in 2022

Last Updated on September 26, 2022

Before applying for life insurance with diabetes, it’s a good idea to ensure that you’ve done your research, spoken with a knowledgeable independent life insurance professional regarding any questions you may have, and most importantly, that you’ve made sure you’re in the best health possible.

Here are five tips of what to do if you’re a looking to be approved for diabetic life insurance.

1. Make sure your most recent lab results are within normal range.

When you apply for life insurance, the company will often request lab results from your most recent blood tests. If you’re a person with diabetes, life insurance companies will be especially interested in the results of your A1C test. If you do not feel like your A1C levels have been at a healthy level, then you may want to consider a no exam life insurance policy for diabetics.

2. Maintain a healthy weight.

Weight management is important for anyone hoping to purchase life insurance, but for diabetics, being overweight comes as an additional liability. Excess weight can significantly increase the chances of diabetic complications. By getting more physically fit and achieving or maintaining a healthy weight, you’re likely to not only be approved for life insurance, but hold a policy that boasts a lower premium than a diabetic individual who is overweight.

3. If you smoke, quit.

Smoking is a huge red-flag to life insurance companies. There are a large number of serious chronic and life-threatening illnesses that have been proven to occur in smokers specifically. Anyone who smokes is at risk of being denied life insurance or paying an astronomical premium compared to non-smokers, but smoking paired with diabetes is sure to promise a premium hike!

4. Obtain copies of your medical records.

Life insurance companies will be interested in your past medical history when reviewing your application to purchase life insurance. Ensure that you have an up to date medical record at your disposal to provide the company with to expedite the application and approval process. Be advised that life insurance companies will look through your medical record to decide whether or not there are pre-existing health conditions that pose a liability to the company.

5. Work with an independent agent specializing in life insurance for diabetics.

The best way of obtaining information about life insurance for diabetics is to work with a life insurance agent that specializes in assisting diabetics with obtaining life insurance policies. Life insurance agents specializing in this area can help you familiarize yourself with your policy options and give you realistic feedback about how your health may affect your ability to obtain life insurance.

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