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Life Insurance and Your Divorce

Divorces are rarely ever wonderful. And, why would they be? They are the finalized product of a love-went-wrong. Most people want to get over it and move on as quick as possible. For some, without any kids or accounting nightmares, that may be possible. However, for others, not so much. There is a lot to be considered in a divorce – especially when it means separating a family. It takes time to sort through finances, assets, property, and such. Dissolving the marriage – a life together – is no easy feat. So, while the details are being worked out, there [...]


How Traveling Overseas Can Disqualify Your Eligibility to Purchase Life Insurance

Given the current environment of the world, Covid 19 or the Coronavirus has impacted everybody, and every type of business. Life insurance industry is not immune either. Companies are looking at applicants past, and future travel history closer than at any point in time. 2020 has been a very ‘interesting’ time for life insurance carriers. In event you’ve traveled rececently to and from a deemed ‘ hot spot’ of Covid 19, companies will postpone you for the foreseeable future. If you have future travel plans to places such as Italy, China, Russia, South Korea and other foreign countries you will [...]


Questions to Ask When Buying a Diabetes Life Insurance Policy

When you decide it’s time to purchase life insurance, you’ll probably have a few questions about coverage, policy types, and whether or not you’re likely to be approved for your desired policy. Having diabetes, you’ll want to ask even more questions, than a person who does not have a chronic illness. Asking these questions is extremely important. The outcome will determine your status of approval, your monthly premiums, and the extent of financial protection and preparedness that your family will receive in the event of a loss. Taking a proactive approach to alleviating what could be a huge financial burden [...]


Life Insurance for Type 1 Diabetics

Living in the Covid 19 pandemic era has made one thing clear.  Everything in our lives is changing.  This is also true for the life insurance industry.  Many life insurance companies are changing their underwriting guidelines, and product offerings. This is impacting many people with Diabetes, especially those living with Type 1.  People with Type 1 Diabetes are going to have fewer life insurance companies to choose from for the foreseeable future.  Certain companies will no longer offer coverage due to the current environment.  We hope this changes in the future, but issues like these are out of our control. [...]