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Obtaining Life Insurance for Diabetics: Specifically on SGLT2 Inhibitors

Life insurance is hands down one of the most important decisions you will make in your lifetime. It will single handedly help to provide for your family’s financial future in the scenario that you’re no longer there to help support them. The problem with obtaining life insurance with Diabetes is there's a lot of bad information out there on the internet, or over your TV and Radio airwaves. Every commercial or website advertises rates that seem too good to be true, when it comes to diabetic life insurance. Truth is, the rates you hear about, and see are not accurate, [...]


What is the Process of Underwriting? What Does It Mean?

If you plan on purchasing life insurance for the first time, the whole process can feel a bit overwhelming – or a lot overwhelming. Especially if you have Diabetes. As you are discovering, not all life insurance companies offer life insurance to Diabetics. NOR do all companies offer the same diabetic life insurance rates. Which policy type do you choose? What is a fair premium? What kinds of information will you be asked to provide and how will your answers affect the outcome of your application? These are all important questions to consider when applying for life insurance for diabetics. After [...]


Life Insurance for Gestational Diabetics

Gestational Diabetes is usually a temporary type of diabetes that occurs during 18 percent of pregnancies, however, studies show that people who develop Gestational Diabetes are more at risk to develop Type 2 Diabetes later on in life. So what does this mean for you when you are trying to get life insurance, if you have Gestational Diabetes? Here’s a hint, it may not impact life insurance rates at all! Many times life insurance with Gestational Diabetes can be obtain with NO extra premiums, or higher ratings. When working with Diabetes Life Solutions, we’ll make sure to recommend specific life [...]


Life Insurance for Type 1 Diabetics

Living in the Covid 19 pandemic era has made one thing clear.  Everything in our lives is changing.  This is also true for the life insurance industry.  Many life insurance companies are changing their underwriting guidelines, and product offerings. This is impacting many people with Diabetes, especially those living with Type 1.  People with Type 1 Diabetes are going to have fewer life insurance companies to choose from for the foreseeable future.  Certain companies will no longer offer coverage due to the current environment.  We hope this changes in the future, but issues like these are out of our control. [...]

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