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How to Get Life Insurance with Diabetes Without a Medical Exam

  When it comes to the lifelong security of your loved ones, even a slight compromise is not acceptable. A perfect life insurance policy plan is what one must look for.  Accomplishing a desirable coverage from these traditionally underwritten policies is a catch-22. Adding to the top of it if you suffer from diabetes your worry and trouble to find a decent coverage amount is understandable.  Luckily, life insurance companies have evolved over time, making life insurance coverage easier to find for a person with diabetes. A never-ending list of medical history requirements, vigorous testing and delays add fuel to [...]


Are People with Diabetes Drinking to Cope with Loneliness and Isolation Caused by COVID-19?

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought loneliness and isolation to people living with diabetes. As bad as loneliness and isolation are on their own, the conditions could also lead to drug and alcohol abuse because people might use substances to try to forget their pain. With the scientific understanding of diabetes and the emergence of COVID-19, we could explore how the pandemic (COVID-19) has impacted people living with diabetes to cope with loneliness and isolation through alcohol abuse. There isn't sufficient information to deliberately show whether individuals with diabetes are more likely to need the help of alcohol rehabilitation centers more [...]


Breastfeeding With Diabetes

 Photo by Dave Clubb via Unsplash Childbirth leaves your hormonal landscape in a state of virtual ruin. Oestrogen and progesterone levels sink dramatically, while prolactin levels rise. That can lead to low energy, high blood glucose and postpartum depression. After nine months of skyrocketing blood sugar, you're probably experiencing a few new symptoms. You might even be one of the many mothers who develop diabetes during pregnancy or lactation.  When you start breastfeeding, you have probably lost track of your baseline and how to balance it. As your body starts to shed the extra weight it shored up for the [...]


5 Reasons Why You Should Obtain a Burial Insurance

Image source: When most people reach the age of forty, the concept of time changes and people start perceiving it as if it’s moving faster. As years pass by, one thing which will often be on your mind is your old age years, your properties, and what happens to your loved ones when you die. Burial insurance sounds like it is all about footing the burial bills once you have crossed over to the other side. However, it is a whole life insurance plan where you get a final sendoff as one of the additional benefits.  Having a burial [...]

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